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No need for servers,
All you need is a domain name

  • Team Support

  • Strong Shared Security

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    within 5 days

  • Shared Depth

  • Low Barrier of Entry

  • Quickly Investment Return

Highly-Intelligent Website

Shared Liquidity Amongst Alliance Members

  • Exclusive Registered Users

    Alliance sub-sites have ownership of registered users

  • Alliance Members Share Depth

    Alliance users benefit from the deep liquidity across the IDCM network, ensuring attractive pricing.

  • Exchange uploaded in 5 days

    Streamlined setup process gets your exchange up and running within 5 days.

  • Powerful Platform Endorsement

    IDCM is the pinnacle of crypto-exchanges. Share our unmatched traffic and liquidity in the age of digital currency.

  • Minimum Operating Costs

    The Wall Street investment banking team and world-class blockchain team provides support and training to help you operate the exchange.

  • Investment Return with 30 days

    We allow you to focus on growing your business, with an investment return period as little as one month.

Alliance Exchange Member Case

Safest and most convenient way to host your exchange

Sub-site Building Process

  • Provide domain name

  • Delivery

    From enquiry to lauch within 5 days

  • Sub-site Launch

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